Home Remodeling – The Difference Between Designing and Decorating 

Are you having your home or office redecorated, designed, or decorated and are looking for interior designing companies? First, there are a few things you need to know before you pick up that phone and start calling them. You also need to prepare some questions to ask so you do not have to keep calling them for information.


First things first. What is the difference between interior redecoration, interior designing, and interior decoration. A lot of people are often confused designing to decoration, thinking that they are the same thing. Interior designing often involves construction inside the interior space such as elevations and lighting. Locations for power as well as communication need to be set up and other specifications need to be followed. So, when you want to have an interior design or redesign done, it is imperative that someone who is certified needs to do the job. There are so many little things that can go wrong or get done incorrectly. I had a garage floor in Fort Lauderdale, FL gets replaced. I ended up cleaning and scrubbing because it wasn’t done correctly. Finally, I decided to have a garage floor specialist or expert come and do it and it turned out pristine. Perfect. I was so satisfied.

Interior decoration, on the other hand, only involves furnishing adornments or home decors to the interior space. Interior decorators can do this with wallpapers, furniture, flooring, lighting, and drapes to name some. Anything that involves adornments is considered interior decoration. Take not that while a designer can also do the job or a decorator, a decorator cannot do the job of a designer.

Interior redecoration is much simpler. You just hire a decorator to rearrange what you already have to create a different look in your interior space. They make use of the decors or perhaps antique pieces that you have stored and make the space prettier and more functional.

While we’re at it, let us also discuss what home staging is. If you have decided to sell your property, you need to have a home staging so you get the best value out of your property. There will be updates that will be done to your home and it will also be decorated for staging purposes.

Now that you know what you need, you can start calling interior designing companies or a landscape design Boca Raton company and you can ask your questions. However, avoid looking for them through the Yellow Pages. If possible, look for them on the internet where you can have a look at their portfolio, if they have one. You could also read testimonials from past clients and you can contact them if you want to know more how the company works and if there were any issues. Make a list of five to ten interior designing companies in your area and the services that they offer. When you make an appointment, make sure that you are prepared with your questions about their services and fees.


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